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We owe our success largely to our roughly 190 associates – creative and competent people with a team spirit. Therefore, it is our aim to recruit the best possible staff members for our company, to give them perspectives and to develop them further.

Our top-class service, friendly assistance and invariably attractive and sales-oriented presentation of our products – we owe all of this to our competent workforce!

The prerequisites are qualified, professional basic and advanced training of our team, as well as opportunities for personal development and enjoyment of their work.

We are looking for experienced staff members who are ready to contribute their knowledge to our company and to promote its positive development within a team as well as on their own initiative. 

To young, highly motivated and team-oriented job starters, we offer interesting and diversified trainee positions in various departments of our company with pleasant working conditions, an attractive training allowance and qualified guidance.

Training for young people in business administration and technical professions


for young people in business administration and technical professions

Training of young workers has always been given a high level of priority At VORMANN, but we have increased our emphasis on youth development even further in recent years. For example, one of our associates (a former trainee) has been appointed as a training officer to take care of all matters concerning the job starters. Apart from teaching knowledge and skills according to standard curricula, VORMANN insists on additional internal and external education and training courses. This includes time spent at all corporate facilities to gather as comprehensive insights as possible into the company as a whole. Participation in trade fairs and visits to business partners are also included. Courses for further qualification to complement vocational college education and internal training are held regularly. 

The great significance of education and training at VORMANN is illustrated by an impressive figure. At the Ennepetal headquarters, about 20% of all associates have come from the company’s own education and training system, which in other words means that one fifth of the workforce in administration and logistics consists of former trainees. An important reason for this is our faith in the company’s own strength and the desire for expert knowledge to remain in the company, since the older, mostly long-standing associates pass on their knowledge to the younger generation. Two things are achieved this way: a fresh breeze and new ideas brought in by the young people, combined with the wealth of experience contributed by the senior staff.

Trainee positions for industrial salespersons, specialist packers, tool mechanics and industrial mechanics are offered on a regular basis in all of our three facilities.


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