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Customer support and services for distributors Everything from a single source

Customer support and services for distributors

Everything from a single source
Manufacturer and service provider

VORMANN not only sees itself as a manufacturer, but also increasingly as a service provider in the various business segments we are engaged in. In the same way as we are able to support our customers with our machinery and expert knowledge in the development, engineering and production of their own product ideas, we also have numerous types of customer support services available for distributors. Most of our office and field staff have many years of experience, which enables them to respond to our customers’ demands quickly and as required. For the entire period of cooperation, we provide our customers with selling aids free of charge to present our products professionally and in a way to promote sales.

Expert counselling by our field staff

A comprehensive field service network will also, in addition to expert counselling, take charge of delivery scheduling and placement to ensure continuous product availability. Our own service team will take care of the set-up and re-arrangement of merchandising presenters and present our product ranges to our customers’ specifications if desired, always keeping the optimization and turnover rate of the inventory in mind. Catalogues, brochures, labels and pictograms support your turnover at the point of sale.

Please contact us and request detailed information from one of our expert consultants.

We will present your goods

We will present your goods

A VORMANN product presentation cannot automatically be recognized as such at first glance. Why not? Because we deliver our products at our customers’ request in packages showing their own brands and set them up at the point of sale (POS) in line with the customer’s corporate design. Nevertheless our presentations still bear our signature and yours as well, if you wish.

Our own service team

We take care of setting up and re-arranging your presentation and provide the necessary presentation baskets and other selling aids free of charge for the duration of our cooperation.

Regular product range streamlining

Every VORMANN presentation is characterized by a great variety and depth of the product range on display. At the same time, we check the turnover rates and see to it that any articles not selling well are returned to us and replaced by merchandise with higher turnover rates.

Customized presentation

This picture illustrates one of the innumerable options to have your merchandise, too, presented in an application- and customer-oriented way. You can determine the type and size of the presentations yourself or let our expert field or sales office staff inspire you with their suggestions. If you wish, we will plan your inventory and provide comprehensive counselling, taking into account the size of your sales floor and the structure of your customer base.

Catalogues, brochures, labels and pictograms support your turnover at the POS.

Please feel free to contact us to gather more detailed information from one of our competent specialist consultants.


Point of Sale


with individual customer approach
Product range management and presentation set-up

VORMANN makes a special point of creating individual concepts for its customers to canvass their own customers successfully at the POS. In agreement with one of our field representatives, the most suitable range for your market and for your customer base is determined. Our service department then prepares inventory placement concepts and sees to it that our in-house presentation team arranges the POS merchandise display promptly. This not only includes expert placement of the goods in selling aids lent to customers free of charge, but also appropriate labelling to show the most important information about each product. 

Labels with a message

The goods are not only professionally displayed in our selling aids, but also provided with suitable labels showing the most important information about each product. In our presentation of coiled ropes, for example, stacks of labels are integrated with the coils, which give all important information about the product. They also provide a space on the top page to enter the number of metres and take it to the cash desk for easier billing. Additional information labels are used to highlight further product features, e.g. attributes of various surfaces, advantages of bulk packs, CE marks, etc. The customers are given all necessary information for making a decision to buy, which simultaneously facilitates the work of the sales personnel.


geared to your wishes

Attractive pictograms above the displays are another means of canvassing customers successfully at the POS and simultaneously providing them with application examples. Depending on the specific product range, our customers receive brochures, which are also partly illustrated and normally contain all products belonging to the relevant range. Here VORMANN often tries to communicate without (many) words, to prevent overburdening our customers with often unnecessary information, and also to make our flyers suitable for international use.

Merchandise you can touch

Where it is appropriate and can be integrated in the presentation, we can provide application examples and samples for the display as well, which also appeal to customers and encourage them to buy.

Presentation of goods in the customer’s CI

Moreover, our POS concept includes delivery of goods with customised packaging and labelling if desired. Please contact us and let us offer you a specific concept!


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