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A look at the history of August Vormann
August Vormann - Namensgeber des Unternehmens


Foundation of the company

Ludwig VORMANN, born in 1823, establishes a small forge in an annexe built next to his inn at the age of 40, which grows into a small factory. Shortly before his death in 1888, he transfers the business to his son August, the company’s later name giver, including the 10 employees at that time.


Production of curtain rings

After the end of World War I, the company starts to produce tin-plated, soldered curtain rings. This proves to be a forward-looking move, since it lays the foundation for the company’s growth and later expansion.


Acquisition of a hinge production line

In the 1960s, VORMANN benefits from the rising demand for hinges and connection technology products. Consequently, it invests in new technology: A transfer line for hinge production, of which only one other specimen is running in Germany so far. 


The logistics centre is built

The logistics centre is completed and opened in Ennepetal. With a modern high-bay warehouse, a complete digital control system and a separate hall for product packaging, VORMANN improves the processes between production and delivery of its products. The initial storage space of 4200 m² is significantly extended over the years, and the technology now in use is a barcode-controlled storage system with a paperless, digitally controlled picking system.

Das neue Logistikzentrum Oelkinghausen entsteht


Acquisition of the Elsterwerda facility

In 1991, VORMANN acquires a hinge factory of the former GDR in Elsterwerda/Brandenburg. After extensive demolition, reconstruction and new construction work, the facility is brought up to the state of the art within the next few years and becomes another production plant in addition to Ennepetal. 
Both facilities produce parallel to each other until 2009, when it is decided to close the production in Ennepetal and relocate it completely to Brandenburg. There, the necessary additions to the buildings are feasible, while the Ennepetal facility offers no room for further expansion.


Our own sales subsidiary in South Africa

The sales company Vormann ZA is established in George/South Africa. With this move, VORMANN successfully takes the first step into a previously little-known market. After only a short time, Vormann ZA can work with a solid, steadily growing customer base. In this way, VORMANN emphasizes its international focus.

From 2000 to today

Product range expansion and CE certification

At the turn of the new millennium, VORMANN acquires the distribution rights of an Austrian chain and rope manufacturer and adds the “uprights and brackets” shelving system to its product range.
In the following years, further useful product ranges are taken on to complete the portfolio, such as the vormatic KHS/KGS handrail and banister system, and profiles and plates. 
VORMANN asserts its manufacturing competence with the acquisition of the production, distribution and trademark rights for “Häng`s dran” (hang-it-up), a range of hooks and holders already established on the market. 
In the most recent years, VORMANN acquires CE certificates for its statically relevant construction products, leading up to CE certification for adjustable support shoes in 2018, by which VORMANN has broken new ground in the industry.

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