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Apart from production and distribution of its standard ranges, VORMANN offers the production of customised products according to customers’ specifications, such as hinges from drawings. To achieve this, we have not only acquired the necessary expert knowledge in more than 150 years of corporate history, but also the appropriate machinery and equipment. In addition to our own engineering department, we have an in-house tool making shop, which enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ wishes as well as to any problems that may occur in production. One of our guiding principles is that we always strive to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements regarding their products as well as those of our own quality standards. When our customers have placed an order with us to manufacture their special products, we produce the necessary tools and keep them in perfect condition and ready to use in production throughout their entire service life. Every product we make is thoroughly examined by our quality assurance team from the first outturn sample coming from a new tool right up to series production. Our quality assurance team is responsible for developing every new product to readiness for series production in close cooperation with the relevant departments of our customers. Series production start-up only takes place after the customer has approved the product.

With our modern machinery, including automatic punching presses ranging from 450 to 4000 kN, hydraulic presses from 250 kN to 2000 kN as well as other automation and robot technologies, we can carry out all manufacturing processes at our own facility. We process mainly strip stock in many different grades of steel, stainless steel and brass. We apply the surface finish in-house with several barrel finishing machines and one powder coating line. Thanks to our long-standing business relations with reliable suppliers, we are of course also in a position to apply any other technical surface finish desired by our customers.

In production, we rely on the “Made in Germany” quality seal and have our entire production process monitored by TÜV Nord, a recognized testing agency. Regular audits ensure consistent high quality standards, certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015.


VORMANN is the right partner for you when it comes to stamping and forming technology. In our engineering department, we use the 3D CAD software Solid Works at several modern CAD/CAM workplaces.

Our customers send us the drawings of their products in a standard file format, we import these data into Solid Works and are then able to perform all necessary work on the desired product fast and flexibly. Next, we produce the tooling to make your products in our own tool making shop.


Tool making

VORMANN has its own tool making shop, which enables us to present to our customers near-series samples prior to the planned series production. 
After a customer has placed an order, we make all necessary tools, ranging from simple punching tools such as separation cut tools all the way to complex progressive tools, in which the finished product is manufactured in several production steps. With these tools, first outturn samples are produced under series-production conditions. 
Our quality assurance team delivers these outturn samples to the customer together with an initial sample test report. Series production start-up is carried out only after the customer has approved the product. 

Punching technology

Apart from manufacturing standard products, VORMANN specialises in the production of sophisticated, complex punched parts and sheet metal parts to customers’ specifications. With us, you can enquire about individual products as well as entire assemblies, which we will make and assemble for you. VORMANN uses FMEA to ensure that we offer our customers invariably the most cost-efficient solution.

Milling technology

As is also common practice in other areas of tool making, our machining centre receives its data via a data cable from the Engineering Department. Our operators derive all necessary parameter settings for milling from these data. After the workpiece to be processed has been clamped onto the milling machine, it is machined with extreme accuracy and top quality standards.

Drahterodieren zur verzugsfreien Fertigung von Werkzeugkomponenten

EDM technology

The more complex a punched part is, the more stringent are the requirements the punching tools and the tool making shop have to meet.

VORMANN specializes in making punching tools and uses wire-cut EDM for highly accurate and warpage-free manufacturing of the individual tooling components from hardened and high-tensile steel.


Grinding technology

Our toolmaking shop is equipped with a portal grinding machine with an electromagnetic 3 x 1 metre clamping table. 

Regardless of whether individual plates need to be ground to measure after hardening, or whether several plates need to be ground simultaneously, our portal grinding machine offers optimal conditions for prompt and fast processing.


Measuring machine

Our measuring machine has developed into an indispensable part of our QM system over the years. In new products, the adherence to the dimensions specified by the customer in the drawing is documented with ultimate precision, which serves as the basis for product acceptance and approval by the customer.

In series production, the compliance with positional and geometrical tolerances of our products is monitored according to our inspection schedules.

Surface finish

After punching, our products receive a surface finish either to our customers’ or to our own specifications. Every finish is designed to fulfil the requirements the product must meet.

What attributes must your product have? Absence of burrs? Resistance to rust? Or is it used as a visible part? No problem for us! VORMANN offers solutions to meet every special requirement.

In our own powder-coating facility, we can coat your parts with the RAL colour shade of your choice. We produce all types and grades of technical surfaces in cooperation with one of our reliable partners.

Our products are deburred on our barrel finishing machines. Stainless steel products are given a barrel finish with a satin-finished surface.


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